A Triggered Response

Keith's REsume

NRA Endowment Life Member.  Defender of Freedom Award 2016.

Instructor Certifications:     

 Rangemaster Certified Advanced Pistol Instructor              

Rangemaster Certified Firearms Instructor

NRA Certified Advanced Pistol Instructor

North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Instructor

Instructor:  NRA Personal Protection In The Home

Instructor:  NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

Instructor:  NRA Basic Pistol

Instructor:  NRA Refuse to be a Victim

NRA Certified Range Safety Officer


2018: Rogers Shooting School. Advanced Pistol Course. Bill Rogers. 5 days.

2018: Rangemaster Instructor Reunion 2 days.  Tom Givens, L Weems, J Hearn, J Murphy, J Correia,

2018: Long Range Pistol Shooting. Sig Sauer Academy. 1 day.

2018: Steel Frenzy.  Sig Sauer Academy. 1 day.

2018: Rangemaster Tactical Conference.  3 days.

2017: Advanced Pistol Course. 1 Day.  Defense Training International:  John Farnam.

2017: Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds. 1 day.  Defense Training International:  John Farnam.

2017: Rangemaster Advanced Instructor Course: 2 days. Tom Givens. Advanced Rating.

2017: Vehicle Combatives. 2 days.  HandgunCombatives.  Dave Spaulding.

2017: Rangemaster Intensive Pistol Course with Vehicle Component. 3 days. Tom Givens.

2017: Rangemaster Tactical Conferrence -3 days.

2017: Establishing a Dominance Paradigm.  Tom Givens/Craig Douglas/William April. 3 days.

2016: Extreme Close Quarters Concepts:  Craig Douglas/Southnarc. 3 days.

2016: Target Focused Training: Surviving the Most Critical 5-Seconds of Your Life: Intensive 2-day course

2016: Defensive Handgun Skills (104 Pistol).  Sig Sauer Academy.  2 Nights.

2016:  Armed Movement In Structures:(Force-on-force). Shivworks/Southnarc. 2 days.

2016: Rangemaster Instructor Development Course – Tom Givens. 3 Days.

               Recognized for Excellence – Top 3 overall score.

2015: Larry Vickers:  1-Day Carbine course.

2015: The Law of Deadly Force.  Andrew Branca.  Live course and online course certification

2015: Bullets and Vehicles. Sig Sauer Academy

2015: Tactical Decision Making with CAPS.  Sig Sauer Academy

2015: Larry Vickers 2-Day Advanced Pistol Course

2015: Critical Space Combative Pistol.  Handgun Combatives – Dave Spaulding.  2 days

2014:  Advanced Situational Combative Pistol.  Handgun Combatives – Dave Spaulding.  2 days

2014: Counter Ambush Training Course. Achieved Certification, I.C.E. Training – Rob Pincus.

2014: Gunsite 250 Pistol,    Gunsite Academy, Marksman One grade.  5 days

2013: Laws Governing Concealed Carry and the Use of Deadly Force, North Carolina Justice Academy

2013:  NRA Advanced Personal Protection Outside the Home.  First  Shot – Walkertown, NC. 2 Days

2013: Reflective Reactive Pistol Training course, Troysgate Inc. 

2013: Intermediate Competitive Skills Development, Sig Sauer Academy

2012: MAG-40, Armed Citizens Rules of Engagement, Massad Ayoob. 4 Days

Elected team captain

Recognized for Top-5 marksmanship score (296/300) on qualification course. 

2012: Edged Weapons, Springs Road Gun Club

2012: NRA First Steps, Springs Road Gun Club

2011: Tactical Handgun 1, Troysgate Inc.

2010: Tactical Handgun, Springs Road Gun Club

2009: NC Concealed Carry Handgun, Paul Nelson

Scheduled Upcoming Courses:

3/ 2017: Rangemaster Tactical Conference - 3 days

4/2017: Vehicle Combatives.  Handgun Combatives. Dave Spaulding.  2 days.

5/2017: Rangemaster Advanced 3-day Pistol Course with Vehicle Module. Tom Givens. 3-Days.

Organizations:  NRA:  (Endowment Life Member), IDPA, GSSF, Grass Roots North Carolina.

Additional Training:  Shotokan Karate-Black Belt.  Extensive training in North American Full-contact Kickboxing.  Several belts in Aikido. 

MD- Radiologist with extensive knowledge of human anatomy.